ADGS is a Deep Tech Company. According to Wikipedia, "Deep tech, or deep technology startup companies are startup companies with the objective to provide technology based on substantial scientific advances and high tech engineering innovation. They require lengthy R&D " [WIKIPEDIA]

ADGS MISSION : To put people at the center of the enterprise.

ADGS VISION : ADGS has a long-term vision where Qatar becomes a major player in High Technologies by massively investing in Deep Tech startups, attracting talents and exporting cutting edge technologies worldwide.

ADGS is a Qatar based business that was founded in 2015. The company invests in niche deep technologies, conduct research & development, and commercializes cutting edge products. 

Specifically, ADGS’ focus is in the field of Agent-Based simulations (Emergent Behavior), Cybersecurity and Biometrics, replicating sociological and biological systems using Artificial Intelligence

ADGS efforts are supported by strong partnerships and bilateral cooperation agreements with renowned laboratories, universities and foundations around the world. 

The problems ADGS solves

    1.    ADGS cyber security solution strikes the perfect balance between an organization’s security requirements and convenience for its users. 

    2.    ADGS AI platform saves time and money for organization’s that need to recognize patterns, concepts and relationships in structured and unstructured data to support decisions.

    3.    ADGS scenario planning tool simulates and reports the outcome of complex scenarios that no statistical model can match.

ADGS Products and Service


STROKK is a military grade software based on machine learning and behavioural biometrics that learns the way you type and clearly recognizes you from anyone else, which makes stolen password useless to hackers.


TASMO is an Artificial Intelligence based solution that captures structured and unstructured data using any data source from your organization. It analyses text and understands the nature of the communication. That understanding is generated through Natural Language Processing (NLP), which is the heart of TASMO.


PANDEXIT is a purpose-built scenario planning tool to support decision makers in evaluating the outcome of different COVID-19 lockdown policies. The agent-based modelling tool focuses on simulating every individual part of the system under consideration.

Industries served

  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Military Defense
  • Civil Defense
  • Financial Institutions, Banks
  • Oil & Gas

ADGS has strong partnership and bilateral cooperation agreements with laboratories, universities and foundations (CPIC, UTN, FUNDESCO, ICTE, QATAR FOUNDATION, the FRENCH BUSINESS COUNCIL….)

ADGS official distribution channel in Kuwait is Automated Systems Company. ASC provides a diverse set of technology Services & Solutions to all industries. It is a Public Shareholding Kuwaiti Company, listed in Boursa Kuwait, with Kuwait Airways as main shareholder. ASC supports the Aviation industry, and has grown today to provide IT Services & Solutions to Healthcare, Education, Banking, Oil & Gas, Telecom, and Construction industries.


ADGS has been awarded by Qatar Science and Technology Park (Qatar Foundation) in 2017, 2018 and 2019

ADGS has been selected by 500 Startups in 2019