Text Analysis and Semantic Modeling (TASMO)

TASMO stands for "Text Analysis and Semantic Modeling". This is a NLP engine software ("Natural Language Processing") using Artificial Intelligence designed to understand the meaning of human language. It can be used in different fields, either administrative or highly specialized, like healthcare. Customers (mostly banks and administrations) in Kuwait and Qatar are using TASMO on a daily basis for unstructured data classification.

TASMO instantly replaces human analysis of text either in medicine, finance, intelligence, military, industry, construction or social media and understands, extracts, detects, classifies and predicts.

TASMO is an AI engine working on a multi-dimensional analysis. Each dimension analyzes the document from a different point of vue, and their analyses are combined to determine the best candidate for extraction. Multi-dimensional extraction combines a wide variety of information to create a holistic approach. This is similar to how humans perform text comprehension. This allows TASMO to "understand" texts.

However, each dimension requieres a specific training, or ontology, that must be built on individual case-basis, exactly as a human learns the ontology of medical documents or the ontology of laws.  

The Cloud Computing markets are relevant for a wide audience that demands big data solutions which reach beyond keyword search and can easily fit the distribution model of cloud marketplaces. TASMO is now available on Azure ("AZURE" in the name of the Microsoft Cloud System) and on Amazon Marketplace.

TASMO currently provides a fixed set of criteria for entity extraction from unstructured text and for connotation analysis for Medical, Financial and Legal texts :